Deriva Dei Continenti

"La Deriva dei Continenti" is a short documentary following the emergency situation of immigrants risking their life every day in a journey from North of Africa to South of Sicily through derelict boats. The film follows the story of Aziz, one of the key figures within the arrivals and first reception around the province of Siracusa, one of the Italian provinces affected the most by this phenomenon. With an approach based on the observation of the relationship between the protagonist and the environment in which he lives and works, the film portrays the emergency of the situation through the eyes of one who is an immigrant and had the strength to create a new life in Italy thanks to his very positive values. Owner of the first kebab shop in Siracusa and interpreter for the Italian judicial police, he represents a great example and a message of hope for anyone looking for a better place to live, survive. Winner of Best Film Award in the Creative Skillset Film and TV Launchpad 2015

Role: Location Recordist
7 Jul 2015